About Elijah Weber

Elijah (Eli) Weber is currently a Clinical Ethics Fellow at the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center.  Eli earned his PhD from Bowling Green State University in May 2015.   His dissertation, supervised by Michael Weber, is on the nature and ethics of resentment.  He also holds a Master’s degree in philosophy from Colorado State University, where he completed a Master’s thesis defending neosentimentalism as a plausible approach to environmental ethics, under the direction of Katie McShane.  Eli also holds a Bachelor’s degrees in sociology and philosophy from Chapman University.

Eli’s philosophical interests are mostly in applied ethics and philosophy of the emotions.  In applied ethics, Eli’s research focuses on issues in bioethics, clinical ethics, environmental ethics, and animal welfare.

In the classroom, Eli strives to actively engage students by facilitating a philosophical dialogue. Toward this end, he is constantly searching for ways to incorporate different presentation modalities and media forms into his teaching repertoire.

Eli is firmly committed to the belief that philosophy has practical import for everyday moral questions, and he strives to keep his research and teaching in contact with both our best scientific theories and our everyday moral experience.

Eli’s non-philosophical interests include cooking, good beer, reggae and bluegrass music, and especially enjoying these things with the people he loves.  He is also an outdoor enthusiast and a drummer of questionable talent.


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